FMC2 Databases include:

Bankscope combines comprehensive financial statements with a wide range of other banking intelligence including ratings, an analysis model, bank structures, news, AML documentation and banking research. It has information on 32,000 banks. Click here for more details

Hedge Fund database containing 4297 Single Manager Hedge Funds and a Graveyard database with 16531 Liquidated or Non-Reporting Hedge Funds, Fund of Hedge Funds, and CTAs. Click here for more details

Compustat provides financial statement information (income statement, balance sheet, and cash flows) from publicly traded firms both active and inactive. It allows for screening, report generation, and custom variable creation. Click here for further details

Provides decades of prices on over 600 cash, futures, 24-hour foreign exchange (FOREX), index markets and option volatilities collected from over 50 major world exchanges. Most futures markets have history dating back to their inception of trading. Futures Data includes: open/high/low/settle prices, and total volume and open interest (contract volume and open interest begins October 2001). Click here for more details

Provides security price, return, and volume data for the NYSE, AMEX, and Nasdaq stock markets. Click here for more details

GFI is a CDS database. It collates its CDS price and trade data from brokerage desks in Tokyo, Hong Kong, Singapore, London and New York. Prices are captured for single name CDS, indices and tranches, from GFI CreditMatch, while trades for these instruments are captured from the back office credit trade capture system. Click here for more details

HFR provides hedge fund-level detail on historical performance and assets, plus firm characteristics on the broadest and most influential hedge fund managers. Click here for more details

Lipper TASS offers quantitative performance data on over 6,300 actively reporting Hedge funds and Funds of Hedge Funds, plus over 7,000 graveyard funds that have closed, liquidated or stopped reporting for any reason. Each module provides tables organized by data themes. Click here for more details

The LSE Rebuild Order Book provides an end-of-day download file of the day’s Order Book activity, including all trades, orders and deletions in Order Book securities since October 1997. Rebuild Order Book provides the data necessary to understand the underlying liquidity in a security at any point in time, enabling better measurement of execution cost or “slippage”. Click here for more details

Nasdaq Short Interest provides short interest data that uses the Days to Cover statistic as a way to judge rising or falling sentiment in a stock from month-to-month, and uses the statistic as a way to compare investor sentiment between stocks. Click here for more details

The NYSE Short Interest File contains the reported uncovered short positions of securities listed on NYSE, NYSE Arca and NYSE MKT. The data is reported by Broker Dealers in accordance to NYSE Rule 421. The file also contains the previous reporting period’s position and the average daily volume of all NYSE, NYSE Arca and NYSE MKT issues. Click here for more details

Daily TAQ (Trade and Quote) provides users with FTP access to all trades and quotes for all issues traded on NYSE, Nasdaq, and Regionals for the previous trading day. The dataset includes Daily NBBO File, Daily Quotes File, Daily TAQ Master File, Daily Trades File, Daily TAQ Quote Admin Message, and Daily TAQ Trade Admin Message. Click here for further details

Comprehensive database of historical price and implied volatility data for the U.S. equity and index options markets. OptionMetrics Ivy Database contains data on all U.S. exchange-listed and NASDAQ equities and market indices, as well as all U.S. listed index and equity options, starting from January 1996. Click here for further details

In addition, the following databases are also available for FMC2 researchers.

Provides historical financial market data and economic data, analysis, and news worldwide. Click here for more details

This is a global numeric database with millions of time series for financial instruments, securities, and indicators, covering more than 75 countries and 60 markets worldwide, with 30 years or more historical depth for some series. Click here for more details