Dr. Alexandros Agapitos

Informatics and Computer Science
University College Dublin

T: 01 716 8036
E: alexandros.agapitos@ucd.ie

Alexandros Agapitos holds a BSc in Software Engineering, an MSc in E-Commerce Technology and a PhD in Computer Science from the University of Essex, UK.

He has more than five years of post-doctorate research experience in machine learning and data mining with applications to sequence modelling, signal processing and classification.

In addition, Alexandros has been working as a senior research scientist in the start-up company Evosys since 2013. Evosys are currently undertaking the design and development of a decision support system for policy optimisation in the Saudi Ministry of Labour, Saudi Arabia. Further details about current and previous Evosys projects can be found here.

Alexandros has published several peer-reviewed articles in the field of evolutionary computation and genetic programming. A sample of his publications can be found here. His main research interests include machine learning, artificial intelligence, evolutionary computation and multi-objective optimisation.

He has previously served as Programme Chair for EvoFin (2012 – 2015), the main European Conference dedicated to evolutionary computation in finance and business analytics.

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