Regulating Financial Market Liquidity and Stability

May 14, 2010, Institute of Banking, 1 North Wall Quay, Dublin,
Speaker(s) Robert Korajczyk (Northwestern University), Roland Meeks (Bank of England) and Karl Whelan (University College Dublin)

5.00 pm – 5.05 pm Gregory Connor, Conference Chair (National University of Ireland, Maynooth) Welcome and Introduction

 5:05 pm – 5:25 pm Karl Whelan (University College Dublin)

Containing Systemic Risk

Karl Whelan is Professor of Economics at UCD, a fellow of the Royal Irish Academy, a consultant to the Central Bank of Ireland, and a member of the expert panel of advisors to the European Parliament’s Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs. Professor Whelan has previously held positions at the Central Bank and Financial Services Authority of Ireland and the Federal Reserve Board of Governors, Washington DC.

5.25 pm – 5.55 pm Roland Meeks (Bank of England)

The Risk Analysis Model for Systemic Institutions (RAMSI)

Roland Meeks is an Economist in the Financial Stability Risk Assessment Division of the Bank of England. His current research areas include credit markets, fixed income yield curve modelling, macro-financial feedbacks, and the Bank of England’s new risk assessment model (RAMSI). Dr. Meeks previously served as an economist at the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas and as a British Academy Postdoctoral Fellow, Nuffield College, Oxford.

5.55 pm – 6.15 pmRobert Korajczyk (Northwestern University)

Alternative Investments: Their Impact on Market Liquidity and Stability

Robert Korajczyk is the Harry G. Guthmann Professor of Finance and Director of the Zell Center for Risk Research at the Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University. He is a recipient of the 2009 Crowell Prize for best paper in the field of quantitative asset management; the Alumni Choice Faculty Award 2000; the Core Teaching Award 1998 and 2000; the Sidney J. Levy Teaching Award 1996; the New York Stock Exchange Award for Best Paper on Equity Trading, and the Review of Financial Studies Best Paper Award, 1991.

6.15 pm – 6:30 pmPanel Question and Answer Session (with all three speakers)

6:30 pmReception and Book Launch        

Portfolio Risk Analysis (Gregory Connor, Lisa R. Goldberg & Robert A. Korajczyk)