CRSP Database training

April 16, 2014, University College Dublin,

The cluster has recently acquired CRSP as a result of funding from SFI. This will really help to develop our research capabilities. A webinar based training session on using CRSP has been organised for Wednesday, March 16, at 3pm. It should last approximately 1.5 hours. The webinar will run in two locations: Room S125 in the Smurfit School, UCD and in the Seminar Room at CASL, UCD. Here teleconference facilities have been set up.
In order to ensure that we have adequate seating (there is a max of 8 places at the Smurfit School) could you please notify Irene Ward if you plan to attend with your venue preference. The webinar can also be accessed remotely via a teleconference call and details are attached. If you plan to connect in this way can you also let Irene Ward know of this.

Being able to use these databases is a very good skill for all us to have and especially for our PhD students. They will allow us to enhance any empirical work in many ways. CRSP gives price data from across the universe of US equities going back over 40 years. I am sure we will all benefit from the database and the related training.